Energy Efficiency

Hemp-based insulation technologies are highly energy-efficient and substantially reduce heating and air conditioning costs.

The Ecological Factor

Hemp-based insulation requires very little grey energy, is pesticide-free and helps reduce the overall eco-footprint of construction projects.

Thermal Comfort

Hemp wool offers optimal control of the ambient temperature in all seasons: it’s cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Air Quality

With no VOCs and volatile chemical inputs, using hemp wool ensures optimal ambient air quality while filtering certain polluting particles.

Soundproofing and Fire Protection

Naturally soundproofing, hemp-based insulation solutions are among the most effective in protecting against noise and helping reduce the risk of fire.

Natural Rodent Repellent

Hemp-based materials keep rodents away safely. Rodents are unlikely to settle in a structure with hemp-based insulation.

The new ISOTK range of hemp- and wood-based insulation materials is suitable for most surfaces. Learn about our wide selection of insulation panels, windproof panels, loose wood fibres, felt floor underlayment and more.


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